Website Kick off!

I enjoy looking at funny cat pictures in the morning during my study hall in school. It makes me feel good the rest of the day, so I created a website to make everyone happy. All the pictures you see are picture I have taken off the internet and added to my giant folder labled FUNNY. Some of them i have even edited myself so enjoy my funny ass pictures. I have Four cats all together. A black Tabby named Frieda and her full black son ( not to sound racist ) Lucky. But I call him mister Woo because of his weird meow. They both are at my moms. Then I have a Black tabby named Muske bait, funny huh,we named her that because sh is a runt and will always look like a kitten. Then my big badass cat, Brutis, He is a bug grey tuxedo cat, and he is the toughest of all. So, on that note, I invite all of you to donate pictures of your cats that make you lol. I will personaly look at all of them to see how funny they are, (Im easily amused.) So start sending Lol pictures! I also ask that you comment on my blogs!

To reach this site in the easiest fashion, go to google and type HILARICAT.

A funny site that will make you roll on the floor laughing out loud.