I have just finished remodling my site, now you can enjoy the more Badass version with Tuxedo Black, And The Title is flashy, Please, leave all comments in the comment zone, thank you,  _LLR_


It took countless man hours and a lot of snack breaks but, I HAVE COMPLETED MY CAT! I am so excited about my cat being up, I now get to hear what you think for every picture. I will be putting A new Picture on each day and a comment sidebar. I hope your all as excited as I am! My cat is one of my favorite pages, I was up untill 1 in  the morning trying to create a spot to comment and then I finaly found it and finished the My Cat  page/Blog. so check it out and start commenting.
WARNING: I will not be adding pictures on weekend. go to the my cat demo page for more details. 


Hey all the peoples, its me, your loveble dictator! Lol, any way this is a message on some new developments on this site. As you all know I edit my site and post new pics each day, but I am going to be adding a new page soon to, this page will be the same as most of my pages, but you will be able to comment on each picture. It will be called, My cat. I plan to have this page completed by may 5. If you have any comments, feel free to tell me, if you have any coplaints, F**ck you! stay in touch, Im out.


I know its not much but it means a lot to me. This is my first website and it has lasted longer than I thought it would. I really like my site and I'm thrilled that a lot of people have been visiting my site. If you want to be apart of my site you are more than welcome to send me pictures or even tips, to my Email adress larsrussell8@gmail.com. And send your comments on my site so that I may build it to the peoples likings. your friend,
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    Whats up? You all know me as the author of hilaricat. I'm thrilled that you're reading and commenting, so keep it up (You have earned my respect, Dont lose it.(or I'll kill you) ) Lol.

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