Another web

Many of the pictures I have on my website came from a website called Talking Cats. This website Kicks Serious Ass. If you want to see a website as funny as mine, then go to Google (The Awsome search engine, Take that YAhoo) and type Talking cats and you will find it, I really recomend either this site or, if your looking for pictures without a website, go to google images (Another Blow to Yahoo!) and type funny cats.

Black Bordered 

Over my few months (And weeks, and Days, and hours) on Google Image ( DIE YAHOO! ) looking for funny cat pictures to brighten my day (And my FUNNY folder) I have seen many lol pictures that have a black border and a text under them. I was never able to find out if it was a style that a lot of people do, or if it was just one person editing images. Either way I found it was funny as hell, so I put some in my everlastin FUNNY folder. Enjoy. And be sure to send me some pictures Damn it!

Invisible Kitteh!

As you all know there are pictures out there that will say Invisible (Bike, Sandwich, frozen pole, pool, skies, Etc.). They're really funny and I've been wondering if everbody is doing this or if its the same person (Same question I had with the black bordered pictures). Either way they're hilariours. I recomend these for for a good laugh and I will have plenty on this site to help add to this Empire of funny.  

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