More about the site

Im sure for the past few days that this site has been up you have all been wondering how to send me pictures that will make me lol ( Or maybe you haven't ) Either way. I've been working on my site to try and add a string network (this allows people to send information, Pictures, and even join the website as a member to help out) but this fricken Create a Website place wont allow it. So to send me comments on my site and pictures You will have to Email me at GOD HELP YOU IF YOU SEND ME SPAM!
Any way, If your wondering who I am you can read my profile on Me, the author. Or if you have any questions feel free to Email me. And tell me about yourself and your funny as hell pets (Dog, Cat, Bird, Snake, I dont care what it is) Peace out peoples.

A funny site that will make you roll on the floor laughing out loud.